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How To Lose Weight Extensively By Only Making Some Simple Tweaks

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As I always say and write in my blog transforming your lifestyle is key to successfully drop down the extra pounds. The one is the reason you’ve gained weight on the first place – sitting too much, eating too much in bad timing all kinds of wrong foods, not walking enough are just some of the many things in life that we do without realizing how harmful they could be in long term.

Here’s some tweaks in your lifestyle that may change the number on your weight scale.

Walk more…

Walk at least 2 minutes every hour points a new study. Try to walk as much as you can. We all know that sitting too much expands waistlines. Whenever you have free time just walk – to the grocery store, on a nice walk with friends, or to the nearest restaurant, around the office or a block – researchers found that adding this tiny amount of hourly activity led to greater calorie burn throughout the day, which added up to an extra 400 calories burned weekly.

Do not rely on exercises to lose weight.

According to British Journal of Sports Medicine sugar and carbs are behind the increase in obesity. Even though regular exercise can be cornerstone in preventing serious chronic diseases like heart disease and diabetes, the researchers point out that “sugar calories promote fat storage and hunger,” and this is the most dramatic contributor to weight gain.

Consume whole dairy.

A new study of Tufts University suggests that is an effective way of controlling your carbs. More comprehensive information on this you can find in my absolutely FREE Report “7 Secrets For Flat Belly By Eating Delicious Healthy Food”. There is a whole section how and when to consume dairy.

Involve your spouse

researchers at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health have found. An exercise regimen begun by one spouse can significantly impact the habits of his or her significant other. So try it by supporting each other throughout your weight-loss journey.

 Turn off your TV.

Give up your food-oriented programs. Again according to a new study published in the medical journal Appetite, cooking shows are linked to being overweight. After surveying 500 women between the ages of 20 and 35 about their viewing and cooking habits, researchers discovered that women who watched food programming and cooked from scratch weighed about 10 pounds more on average than women who home-cooked but relied on recipes from family, friends, cookbooks or cooking classes.

These are just some little tweaks that can help you burn the fat in long term. As you can see they are fully synchronized with the latest researches in the industry.

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